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Les Clients d'ISNetworld

ISNetworld contractor and supplier customers report information easily and succinctly to their clients, helping with efficiency in the qualification process. They can also use tools to track expiration of training records and other regulatory documents and have the opportunity to gain new clients and grow their business.
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    December 2017
    “Our team realizes that ISNetworld is an important part of allowing us to preserve a positive relationship with our customers”.
    John J. Tommeraas
    AGI Industries
    December 2017
    “ISNetworld, along with their extremely knowledgable staff, are an essential partnership for TCI of Alabama, LLC. Our environmental health & safety program, and our employee commitment to workplace safety have prospered since joining ISN in October 2016."
    Michelle Botter-Lee
    TCI of Alabama, LLC.
    December 2017
    "ISNetworld has been an invaluable tool for our oganisation for some time now. We are able to upload our documents in a centralized location to ensure continual compliance."
    Wayne Robinson
    ARL Laboratory Services Pty Ltd
    December 2017
    “ISN has helped us maintain our client’s specific safety requirements in one, convenient place and assisted us in maintaining our overall excellent safety record.”
    Laura Vannoy-Dally
    SW Funk Industrial Contractors, Inc.
    Novembre 2017
    "ISNetworld has afforded us more opportunity to focus on discussing safety solutions, providing additional training, and conducting more safety inspections. As a result, our EMR has dropped 20% this year and our DART and TRIR are at a 10 year low."
    Al May
    North Mechanical Services, Inc.
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