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Les Clients d'ISNetworld

Les clients entrepreneurs et fournisseurs d'ISNetworld communiquent des informations facilement et succinctement à leurs clients, optimisant le processus de qualification. Ils peuvent également utiliser des outils pour suivre l'expiration des dossiers de formations et d'autres documents réglementaires et ils ont la possibilité d'obtenir de nouveaux clients et de développer leur entreprise.
Réussite des entrepreneurs
Témoignages des entrepreneurs
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    September 2018
    "ISN’s customer support team is prompt and helpful in both English and Arabic and has supported us in the process of becoming compliant with our hiring client’s requirements. Their professionalism and efficiency are second to none."
    Ali Ammar Yousif - VP Commercial
    September 2018
    “ISNetworld took care of all our pre-qualification requirements and processes, and we were approved with the client within a month. Whenever there are additional documents required by the client, ISNetworld notifies us and we’re able to submit the requirements in a timely manner.”
    Shafeek Shaji, Operations Manager
    September 2018
    "As an elite concrete and core drilling company, we are proud to be prequalified within ISNetworld, which we consider to be a major advantage for our current and potential customers."
    Andre Vindheim, Operations Manager
    Grenland Betongsaging as
    September 2018
    “We are pleased to be partnered with ISN and consider them a vital component in assisting us with maintaining strong relationships with our clients and continuing to have an incident free workplace."
    Jodie Butler, Office Manager
    HW Butler & Associates
    September 2018
    “…the customer service team is always a phone call or chat away, and I can’t even remember the last time they were not able to rectify the problem.”
    Courtney Richey
    Measurement Technologies, Inc.
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