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Les Clients d'ISNetworld

Les clients entrepreneurs et fournisseurs d'ISNetworld communiquent des informations facilement et succinctement à leurs clients, optimisant le processus de qualification. Ils peuvent également utiliser des outils pour suivre l'expiration des dossiers de formations et d'autres documents réglementaires et ils ont la possibilité d'obtenir de nouveaux clients et de développer leur entreprise.
Réussite des entrepreneurs
Témoignages des entrepreneurs
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    November 2018
    "The ISN Customer Service Team is readily available to help us in our efforts to stay compliant with each of our clients."
    Filiz Oztaskin - General Co-ordinator
    November 2018
    “ISNetworld provides us with rapid exposure within the market, keeps us up-to-date with new client requirements, and allows us to centralize our data and safety information in one location."
    Haider Hazem, Commercial Officer
    November 2018
    “Innospection subscribed to ISNetworld in 2014, and we now have 11 connected Hiring Clients with 14 sites. We have found the pre-qualification process with new Clients on ISN is very easy with the ability to upload requested information quickly and efficiently.”
    Alex Crossland, General Manager
    Innospection Ltd
    November 2018
    “Our future with ISNetworld is still full of possibilities. We appreciate the support they have given us, encouraging an increase of accountability and constantly helping us to ensure a year-round incident-free performance.”
    Ing. Ján Bába, Co-Owner
    CamSys s.r.o
    November 2018
    “Klump Excavating & Construction highly recommends ISNetworld to anyone who is looking to match their company with high quality Clients who believe that safety is the primary goal in completing their projects.”
    Robert Hilty – Safety Director
    Klump Excavating & Construction Inc
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